Pick Up

Pick up is mellow, fun and sometimes pretty competitive.  Anyone can play, and teams form based on whoever shows up.  It’s a great way to learn the game.


Tuesdays and Thursdays:  5:30 til dark

Sundays: 4:30 til we get tired


The east side of Forsythe Park

What to Bring

  • A smile
  • Two shirts – one light (white), one dark
  • Water
  • Cleats (highly recommended).  Athletic Shoes are an option or you can just run barefoot.

8 Responses to Pick Up

  1. Elizabeth Laughlin says:

    Is this pick up still going on? I play ultimate at Arizona State but will be in georgia for four months and have been looking for some pick up.

  2. Yes. In the winter, we play pick up at Armstrong Atlantic State University Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-8 pm under the lights.

    Thanks for reminding me to update this stuff.

  3. Lauren Connolly says:

    In Savannah for the summer and was interested in playing some pick-up are you guys back in Forsythe Park?

  4. Wart says:

    False alarm people showed within minutes of the post, reading the forum actively I am sure. Sounds like 5ish is a good time for summer Sundays. Hope to see more peeps out on Tuesday.


  5. curlin sullivan says:

    hey, just moved here from austin texas. have a son who is chomping at the bit to find a good league and pick up games. he played for 4 years in austin. wondering where and when you all are playing now that it’s october.

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